Michisoft Reader Studio Homepage:
Reader Studio enables you to convert your *.html or *.txt eBooks into the Microsoft Reader *.lit format.
Your can read them with Microsoft Reader for Windows or Pocket PC.
And best of all: This program is freeware for non-commercial use! Contact me if you plan to use Reader Studio for commercial projects.


Currently Reader Studio features:
  • Import filters for html,txt,rtf,gif,png and jpg files.
  • Support for basic font formating, alignment and tables
  • Allows you to customize all cover images
  • Allows you to include a hyperlinked table of contents and an about page
  • Includes command line version for batch processing.
  • Save profiles for later use.
  • ... and more!

Download Reader Studio 1.5 now.


Last update of this page: September 2006

Michisoft Reader Studio has been programmed by Michael Roemer