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This is a listing of all downloads on my homepage. Most of them are freeware programs.
Do you want to know how the programs work? Go to my Visual Basic page where you can download the source code for some of my programs.

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Michisoft programs:
Balloons screen-saver A simple screen saver.
Michi´s Mission Selector This utility for Command and Conquer can add and remove missions.
Michi´s Sprite Construction Kit A sprite editor for windows 95.
Michisoft Reader Studio Creates *.lit files for Microsoft Reader.
Michisoft games:
Michisoft WIN-Fighter A small game for Windows. Destroy the attacking starships!
Michisoft WIN-Fighter 3.0 beta The windows 95 version of win-fighter. With better graphics and sound!
Micron´s Bomb-War A bomberman clone.
Michisoft Star Trade Turn based strategy game.

Note: You will need VBRUN300.DLL to run some of these programs. You can get VBRUN300.DLL here
To decompress some archives you need RAR You can get RAR here