Michisoft games:
Welcome! I am working on several games. The older games are done in Visual Basic, some by using Direct-X.
My current projects are done in C++.
If you have problems running a game, go to the support page.
Current projects:
Final Warfare, a RTS game:
This is a 3D RTS game with multiplayer support, AI and several single player missions. Go to the Final Warfare Homepage
Older games:
This is a simple game where you have to destroy all enemy tanks before they destroy you!

Download Tank-War

Micron´s Quest, a Jump´n run style game:
This game is in an early stage of development. Currently the first level is playable, but there is no beta version avaible.

Winfighter is a raptor like game for windows 95. The first two levels are playable. You can download the second beta version of winfighter here. The graphic has been improved and now finaly it is possible to die...
Write an eMail to Support@Michisoft.com if you have problems playing the game.

Download Win-Fighter Beta2

Micron´s Bomb-War:
Micron´s Bomb-War is a Bomberman clone. Collect the diamonds and blow up your enemies. It has 8 single player levels and 3 multiplayer levels.

Download Micron´s Bomb-War

Michisoft Star Trade:
Star Trade is a turn based strategy game. Conquer planets, build ships and fight battles against up to 2 computer players. A level editor is included. A multiplayer version of Star Trade will be out soon.

Download Star-Trade
This is version 0.48 of Star Trade. This version fixes some bugs, translation errors and adds some new functions like "support research" to the game.

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